Every day wonderful customers visit our lovely shop from far and near 

So if you get chatting to Norman the owner and if he has his camera handy you may well feature on this page

Below from Pittsburgh USA here are first members of this page Jess and Lauren 

Jess is visiting Lauren is studying at Durham University

Jess and Lauren Pitsburg - 1.jpg

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Girlie customer - 1.jpg

This young lady called in today for the first time in over 20 years. She had such nostalgic memories as like many of our customers she would come with her mam when she was a school girl buy beads to make earrings etc and Mrs Grossmans stickers. Well she was so pleased to find The Geogian Window still going strong. after all these years.  This time our little glass animals caught her attention and she couldn't resist.

All the way from Sedgefield . County Durham

Mary Houghton customer - 1.jpg

Mary is a regular visitor for many years. Mary wanted a scarf in a certain shade of green to match an outfit. She just knew she could find what she was looking for at The Georgian Window.

Mary from Houghton . Co Durham


Zuri from Tokyo who is doing her advanced studiies at uni here, she calls in for Norman's photographic Durham scene post cards to send to Japan 

Yuri Japan - small.jpg
2 Graduates River Wear  - 1.jpg

Both of these ladies went to Durham University. They are also mother and daughter

Hello my name is Juen or Joanne my English name I am from Taiwan, I like Durham very much and here is my sketch of the cathedral which I just drew this morning, it was very cold while I was drawing, now I hope to make a colour version from this sketch. in my warm house .

Below Mum and daughter from Toronto Canada 

Mum though was born in Consett and left for Canada when she was just 4 years old.. They were so friendly visiting family of course..   and below right is Sarah from Girona Spain who likes to practice her English. she also has Family in the North East. 

Toronto Ladies - 1.jpg
Sarah Espana - 1.jpg
Oman Ladies - 1.jpg

Two beautiful ladies from Oman 

Hoor Khadija who is studying in Newcastle and her mother

on a day out to Durham.

Hoor told me she just loved the shop..

If you would like to be included

on this page  you just have to smile nicely and tell me you love the Georgian Window

annabelle brenda - 1.jpg

Annabella and her mother 

Brenda who are from Hong Kong

visiting Durham to check out the 

university and see if Annabelle

might like it here

Tania and Gabriel 2 - 1.jpg

Aquí hay dos mujeres de México.
visitando Inglaterra y Escocia
Tania y su madre Gabriela

September 2019

Dado Marizio - 1.jpg

Dado and his wife from Marsala Sicily

they have just seen their son

arrive for university in Durham

Oct 2nd 2019

Chilian Muchacas - 1 (1).jpg

All the way from Chile 5 lovely smiling senhoritas who were so charming as you can see from the photo...

hola chicas espero que hayan tenido

un gran viaje en el Reino Unido y especialmente en Durham

Chilian Muchacas bw - 1.jpg
Ki Ki - 1.jpg

Visiting beautiful Durham City 2 students from Hangzou China outside the Georgian Window Ki Ki who is . studying in London and Cara who is in Newcastle Uni both girls said they must come back to Durham they are now going to Flat white cafe very popular coffee and food establishment also in Saddler Street Durham.

Hannah (1 of 1).jpg
Xiaozhou - 1.jpg

  2020 First Days Back after lockdown

The shop opens again and here is Hannah from St Albans she was so happy to see our shop open and came in for a browse around. Hannah has spent 3 great years at Durham University and is about to graduate..

    So she is up for a week to savour her last days in Durham before going off on her next adventure.

Below Cristina & Andrea from Romania who 

live in London  and Derby They love Durham but it was raining so they are going to visit again and see the cathedral and castle this is the 1st day the shops are open again after lockdown.

Romania Girls - 1.jpg

on our left 2 ladies from China who studied at Newcastle University Xiaozhou and Starry

looking so nice on their visit to Durham.

The girls said they like it here so much they don't want to go back to China.